Airport mini cab driver hires for uk pco license holders are under process

Airport mini cab drivers are being hired by our mini cab firm in london. Our mini cab company is a notable mini cab firm based in london that has been providing exceptional taxicab services to its patrons since the past thirty years. We continue to satisfy the people of london with our quality services. And to cater to the increasing demand and popularity of our services we are looking to employ capable drivers who hold a private hire license in london.

Our mini cab company offers an array of transport services that include:

To provide top-quality services we have need of drivers who carry out their jobs honestly and put in their best shot. This job involves a good amount of skill in the driving career along with deep knowledge of the landmarks and tourist spots in london so that they can direct those visiting london on which places they should see and visit and so on. For this reason, they also need to be well-versed in english language.

Our job is mainly based on cash as a payment and the employment is either:

The employed drivers are required to promptly join training. They are also given breaks at various intervals during their work hours so that they can revitalize. The tips they gather are theirs to keep. We provide the engaged driver with the mini cab, fuel, insurance, training and maintenance. We believe in providing value services to our patrons therefore we seek out the best ourselves. We are looking for someone on whom our customers and we, ourselves, can depend upon.

Eligibility criteria of the job for candidates wishing to apply

We are a distinguished mini cab firm located in london and therefore we seek to hire the cream of the candidates available. A prior job with the same requirements, experience on the road or interactions with customers is highly appreciated. A general pleasant disposition, polite manner of speech and a former experience on the road and dealing with customers is highly appreciated by us. We guarantee that our employees and staff are as important to us as our clients. We believe in taking care of those who work for us and therefore we make sure any complaints an employee has with us, are resolved immediately.

The outline of the eligibility criteria for the candidates wishing to apply for these positions includes:

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